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iMIC Synergy Realty Dev't


We Dream to Accelerate Property Development

We would like to invite investors, developers, contractors and suppliers to be an accredited partners of our soon to be launched online platform system for an easier way to provide synergistic collaboration from all the players in the real estate industry to accelerate property development.  It would be more than a group or marketplace. Its main purpose is to take away or significantly reduce the barriers of development for most idle properties.   Through a  well studied model of framework for  Built, Operate Transfer (BOT), Joint Venture (JV), or Long-term Lease, it aims to make it easier for land owners to have more choices in making their properties productive rather than a simple outright sales to developer buyer.  With  templates of collaborative  agreements for all the accredited partners as well as with lot owners, it could on the other hand  enhanced long term partnership and sustainable businesses among all  the parties involve.  This could result to  minimizing development cost, creating higher value on development and reducing  risks and exposure to all the parties resulting to sustainable return on investment.   We look forward to meeting  you as collaborators for your properties or for your business.

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