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iMaverick Intl. Corp. (iMIC) is the management company of  Hotel Atienza.  A hotel and resort management brand which operate Hotel Rupert A Baler, Casa Herminia Baler and future developments such as The Waves at Socorro.


Hotel Rupert A  is the first development by RGA Development Corporation (RDC) owned by Rupert Atienza Jr., one of the stockholders of their family company iMIC. RDC is envisioning to develop its other prime properties in Aurora  ( along national highway and beach front) either as resort hotel, subdivision, or entertainment complex.  It has also properties in Metro Manila that it would plan to develop either as townhouses or commercial space for rent.

While iMIC is known to be the exclusive distributor of BISAZZA and Kitchensquare brands  in the Philippines,  iMIC has expanded into constructing, developing  and operating   hotels  and resorts  through  RDC properties in Baler.  All these businesses are complementary and synergistic to each other making its operations platform gearing to become fundamentally stable and resilient over  the course of its business on a long-term basis. 

 iMIC is managed by forward looking people whose expertise lies in creating solutions and brands unique to the local market.  iMIC is the only BISAZZA distributor in South East Asia that has the assembly plant and is authorized to do design customization for its clients here and abroad.  iMIC expertise is specially utilized for BISAZZA requirements abroad for artistic glass mosaic decoration projects where Filipino craftsmanship is best represented.  iMIC has also developed its own team of expert installers, ensuring complete services and solutions to its customers from conceptualization to installation.  It is from this set up that iMIC has been successful in bringing out the beauty and versatility of BISAZZA glass mosaic application in the design world and construction industry in the Philippines.

BISAZZA is one of the most authoritative luxury design brands, and a world leader in the production of glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors and exteriors.  With its root from Italy, today Bisazza is a brand characterized by modern technologies and a keen eye for market development.

Complementing Bisazza product line is iMIC Kitchensquare.  This product brand has specializes in designing and manufacturing customized and modular cabinetry using innovative material.  Kitchensquare has been widely successful in designing kitchens and cabinets with Manila’s elite.  It uses high-end selected materials and precision mille state of the art technology for all the components of cabinets   The designs are one of a kind which distinguished the brand from its German made and Italian made brand competitors. Together with a team of specialists, Kitchensquare installs these cabinets complete with accessories.

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